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 +Initially, LightHub was developed taking in the mind integration with Openhub. Thus that might be cinfigured easy.
 +All integration done, using MQTT broker as extension of OpenHab'​s message bus.
 +First of all, you need to install MQTT binding via "Paper UI" and then configure broker connection for your OpenHab.
 +The followed examples are for OpenHab 2.
 +The patch of your configuration files is system-depended.
 +For examples, for UNIX installations from repository configuration path is /​etc/​openhab2/​
 +File: services/​mqtt.cfg
 +# URL to the MQTT broker, e.g. tcp://​localhost:​1883 or ssl://​localhost:​8883
 +# Optional. User id to authenticate with the broker.
 +# Optional. Password to authenticate with the broker.
 +then configure openhab message bus
 +File: services/​mqtt-eventbus.cfg
 +# Name of the broker from mqtt.cfg ​
 +# Publish command
 +# Receive status
 +after such kind of configuring,​ you can use same items name between OpenHab and LightHub
 +File items/​demo.item (sor sitemap demo)
 +Dimmer ​ bth2    "​Ванная люстра [%d %%]" <​slider> ​       (gBath,​Lights) ["​Lighting"​]
 +Color   ​kuh ​    "​RGB Вся Кухня"​ <​slider> ​       (gKitchen,​Lights) ["​Lighting"​]
 +Switch ​ h_entr ​    "​Corridor" ​     <​heating> ​  ​(gEntr,​ Heating) ["​Switchable"​]
 +And appropriate configuration of LightHub items
 +  "​dmx":​[3,​60],​ //Init 60 channels dmx out on pin 3 (pin def for Mega only)
 +  "​items":​ {
 +    "​bth1":​[4,​[96,​0,​0]],​
 +    "​bth2":​[4,​[96,​0,​1]],​ // 4=Modbus dimmer on modbus address 96, Register 0, subchannel 1
 +    "​kuh":​[1,​5], ​ // 1=RGBW DMX channel with base address 5
 +    "​h_entr":​[5,​39,​32] //​5=thermostat with relay on pin 39 and default temperature preset = 32 degrees Celsium
 +   }
 +There is not necessary to set-up persistent topics in Openhab nor configure persistent storage in OpenHab.
 +LightHub using persistent MQTT publishing for Status topic /​myhome/​s_out. After "cold start" and establishing MQTT connection with broker, Lighthub subscribing on Status topic for 5 seconds interval to capture and retrieve previous status from persistent MQTT topic /​myhome/​s_out ​
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