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The controller supports the followed set of commands

Normal Openhab commands:

  • ON - Turn channel ON. If some previous channel state is stored (Color, Volume) - it will be restored back. Else channel will be turned on with default values (White colour/100% volume in most cases)
  • OFF - just turn channel off
  • <Numeric value 0..100> - Volume for Dimmer/PWM/FM/Thermostate etc. channels
  • <Numeric 0..365>,<Numeric 0..100>,<Numeric 0..100> - Color notation in Hue,Saturation,Volume

Extended set of commands:

  • HALT - turn channel off
  • REST - turn channel ON only if it was turned off by HALT command before
  • TOGGLE: Toggle ON and OFF state. For group channels - considering the Group Channel in ON state if at least one member of group is active
    * #AABBCC: Color notation in RGB - Home Remote color picker compatible

LightHub is accepting both, basic and extended commands set at input /myhome/in MQTT topic, but Status publishing in output topic /myhome/s_out use only basic Openhab command set in order to maintain OpenHab compatibility.

LightHub performing translation of commands ON,OFF,TOGGLE,HALT,REST to Volume and Color values (where is possible) before publishing back it in Status topic If command received for Group Channel - Values Status publishing will be done for Group Members

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