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Initially, LightHub was developed taking in the mind integration with Openhub. Thus that might be cinfigured easy.

All integration done, using MQTT broker as extension of OpenHab's message bus.

First of all, you need to install MQTT binding via «Paper UI» and then configure broker connection for your OpenHab.

The followed examples are for OpenHab 2. The patch of your configuration files is system-depended. For examples, for UNIX installations from repository configuration path is /etc/openhab2/

File: services/mqtt.cfg

# URL to the MQTT broker, e.g. tcp://localhost:1883 or ssl://localhost:8883
# Optional. User id to authenticate with the broker.
# Optional. Password to authenticate with the broker.

then configure openhab message bus File: services/mqtt-eventbus.cfg

# Name of the broker from mqtt.cfg 
# Publish command
# Receive status

after such kind of configuring, you can use same items name between OpenHab and LightHub Example: File items/demo.item (sor sitemap demo)

Dimmer  bth2    "Ванная люстра [%d %%]" <slider>        (gBath,Lights) ["Lighting"]
Color   kuh     "RGB Вся Кухня" <slider>        (gKitchen,Lights) ["Lighting"]
Switch  h_entr     "Corridor"      <heating>   (gEntr, Heating) ["Switchable"]

And appropriate configuration of LightHub items

  "dmx":[3,60], //Init 60 channels dmx out on pin 3 (pin def for Mega only)
  "items": {
    "bth2":[4,[96,0,1]], // 4=Modbus dimmer on modbus address 96, Register 0, subchannel 1
    "kuh":[1,5],  // 1=RGBW DMX channel with base address 5
    "h_entr":[5,39,32] //5=thermostat with relay on pin 39 and default temperature preset = 32 degrees Celsium

Note: There is not necessary to set-up persistent topics in Openhab nor configure persistent storage in OpenHab.

LightHub using persistent MQTT publishing for Status topic /myhome/s_out. After «cold start» and establishing MQTT connection with broker, Lighthub subscribing on Status topic for 5 seconds interval to capture and retrieve previous status from persistent MQTT topic /myhome/s_out

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