CORE changes:

  • CORE refactored.
  • Config persistence (saving parameters & config) - now working for Mega, DUE, ESP8266, ESP32.
  • Config auto-saving to flash on portal changes (http ETAG supported to version control).
  • HTTP API & tiny web interface (external by CORS)
  • MDNS controller announcing
  • Local config changing by web
  • Delayed commands (/del suffix)
  • NO_MQTT option
  • input polling on timer interrupts (DUE)

Device driver changes

  • PID regulator (13 type)
  • Relay PWM thermostat (16 type)
  • RGBWW channel type (17 type) & color temperature set
  • Legacy modbus (4 type) improvement (retry speedup, mask = 3 & 4 for swap hi & lo bytes)
  • Multivent driver (18 type)
  • UART bridge (15 type) (serial protocol interceptor) - wireshark udpdump compatible
  • Artnet - to DMX configuration (channel range to pass throw)
  • PWM driver (3 type) - RBGW compatible


  • flashing scripts for DUE
  • Platformio target for OTA (invoke OTA scripts from custom_builds)
  • Clean-up & optimisation

v3.0.0 Completely refactored modular core

Main improvement:
Since this release, controller's core is refactored completely with new architecture of base classes and new-style internal API (see Doxigen docs for details)

Now is possible to develop drivers for virtually any new devices with minimal effort, using existent drivers code as simple template with minimal impact on core.
New datatypes are used to communicate between modules (variant types, which allow transfer various types of values (float point, hsv, rgb, int, percentage, temperature e t.c)


  • 49days issue fixed
  • DMXbuf corruption fix (then DMX channels in config is out of range)
  • Critical: DMXsmooth buffer memory corruption fixed (due only)
  • DMX flickering bug fixed,
  • MQTT port/login/password issue fixed for some platforms
  • Modbus for ESP32

Breaking changes:

  • Percentage volume scale range 0..100 changed to 0..255 for topics with /set suffix (0..100 scale kept unchanged for old-style topics in order to OpenHAB compatibility). Its strongly recommended to reconfigure your smarthome software (i.e HomeAssistant) _to use new firmware with emulation of old scale (0..100) - re-compile project with option SCALE_VOLUME_100 added in your custom-build-flag file

  • to report temperature from sensors (1-wire or DHT or Modbus) to local or remote regulators (relay or PID thermostat) you need to add /val suffix to item name
    i.e old style sensor definition:
    new style:

New functionality:

  • New universal modbus driver - allow to poll any type of modbus RTU device (described on config) and submit results to MQTT and/or to internal objects
    Support INPUT REGISTERS and HANDLE REGISTERS, only pooling at this moment (writting registers - in roadmap), possible to use old-style Modbus driver same time with new one
  • Thermostate and regulator (PID or relay) now can communicate across MQTT (not just locally). Just use example above to configure remote topic
  • internal "PID regulator" item type. Allow to configure so many as you needed PID regulators to control local or remote devices
  • Exponential bright matrix for RGBW Led (optonal, use BRIGHT_STEP or BRIGHT_LOG compilation directives to activate)
  • HSV & RGB mixed control
  • OTA tools for win added
  • GROUP fixes&optimization
  • Adopted to aJson lib update
  • Color temperature
  • Doxigen documentation (autogenerated)
  • less stack consumption &faster for recursive groups
  • RGB on PWM

@anklimov anklimov released this 9 hours ago


  • 1-wire fixes
  • Critical: DMXsmooth buffer memory corruption fixed
  • (critical) Syslog memory corruption fixed …
  • MQTT port/login/password issue fixed for some platforms
  • OTA sockets leak fixed with every Ethernet interface restart (critical)
  • REST command fixed
  • ESP Wifi auto-restore connect for wifi manager …
  • ESP32 stability fix + remove DMX

New functionality:

  • Analog & I2C input reading cache …
  • MCP23017 inputs

Known issues:

  • 49days bug (after 49 days of continuous running - timer overflow with reboot or partial degradation) - fixed in v3.0.0

Motor driver,
Adafruit Neopixel lib,
Double/triple clicks,
long-presses etc,
DMX smooth fading for DUE
many stability improvements

on 16 Jun 2019 

@anklimov anklimov released this on 11 Jun 2019

Прошивка радикально доработана, основные изменения, относительно релиза 1.0 (2018):

- Доработана логика MQTT топиков до частичного соответствия homie convention, топики теперь настраиваются
- Для поддержки нормально открытых водяных термостатов, если использовать отрицательный PIN# вместо положительного - будет работать наоборот. Включать устройство если требуемая температура достигнута
- Алгоритм преобразования RGB цвета в RGBW существенно доработан. Если насыщенность более половины - используются только RGB светодиоды. Если менее - добавляется белая лента. При нулевой насыщенности работает только чисто белое освещение.
- Прошивка теперь работает на всех заявленных платформах - Mega, DUE, ESP8266, ESP32
- Везде где возможно используем аппаратный MAC адрес (для DUE генерируем его из уникального номера чипа)
- Добавлены датчики CO2 и влажности CCS811, HDC1080, DHT22
- ESP теперь надежно работают с WIFI
- Больше совместимости с внешним ПО - Domotics, HomeAssistant, NodeRed
- Работа с аналоговыми входами
- Работа с датчиками протечки

Ну и серьезно улучшена стабильность и устойчивость к самым разным непредсказуемым воздействиям


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